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keep moving forward

10 pm December 26th...Lego storage unit falls apart w/a bang...and I do mean with a bang!

So, I've been looking at this storage unit, put together by yours truly over a year ago, slowly lean more and more. Telling myself, of course, each time, "I really need to tighten those screws." I walk by and make it lean less, promising to get around to it. This is also along with telling myself it's time to sort all those Legos and get some things rebuilt so that the storage units aren't as heavy for the poor unit trying to hold them all. Yes, some things have a way of taking care of themselves.

December 26th...boys fall asleep watching a movie with me in the living room. At 10 pm, I proceed to carry Alex to his bed, kiss him goodnight and turn to go back for Tim. Leaving the room, I see the storage unit leaning excessively to the right toward the door. I chuckle to myself and utter those famous words I said above, all the while reaching to make it lean less. Not 2 seconds after getting it to stand upright does the whole unit give way and crash (and I mean CRASH) to the floor spewing Legos and plastic containers onto the floor. I burst out laughing...tears streaming down my cheeks, kind of laughing. I mean, at this point, if anyone could sleep through that crash they can sleep through laughter as well. It was hilarious...and I'm cracking up writing about it even now. Some things strike me as funny and this event sure did. No silent night happening here...not now anyway.
I composed myself, I thought, and grabbed the camera for a picture. Nice time to try out my new camera. (I love it, btw). Then I return for Tim, who's sleeping soundly on the couch. Now, Tim awake is hard for me to lift off the ground...asleep, it takes all I can muster to accomplish. I get him in my arms, and the thought of what has just taken place causes me to start laughing again...only this time I'm trying to carry a sleeping boy who is too big for me to carry in the first place to his room while laughing hysterically. Yeah, it worked out...for a few steps. I made it to his doorway and had to put the poor guy on the floor so I didn't flat out drop him. So, I'm laughing, crying from laughing, and apologizing to Tim (who's still asleep) in the doorway of the boys' bedroom. I wake him up enough for him to jump back into my arms and I get him safely to his bed...kiss him goodnight...and turn to leave. I take a step and hear Alex ask, "So, Mom...what happened to the Lego shelf?" Needless to say, I start laughing again and sit on his bed retelling him the story of my last 10 minutes. We laugh and enjoy the story together. Priceless moments...

The movie we had been watching was "Meet the Robinsons" the movie the motto is "keep moving forward". Tonight, on my third day of sorting Legos and seeing a light at the end of my tunnel, I was helping Alex find pieces to his police semi. On a search for a particular piece, I hear him state, "Keep moving forward," as he put another one in place. He was very excited to get his semi back together...especially since he now has the police station...and kept telling me how easy I was making it for him to find the pieces. Lots of hugs and thank you's later, it's almost complete...bedtime came and we had to call it a night.

I laughed as the phrase, "keep moving forward", brought back my nighttime crash of Legos and almost Tim...but it also made me think that no matter how tedious things get, it truly is important to keep moving forward. Things don't get done well in the present by constantly looking in the past. As of late, circumstances be as they may, moving forward is difficult. Letting go, trusting, moving's a challenge. It's not that I don't like a challenge...but it's that I like the way things were, too. The Legos crashing brought about a couple of things I expected...fixing the shelf and sorting the Legos. What I didn't expect was the joy in spending time "playing" Legos w/Alex...I was sorting, he was building...and the good feeling to get the project underway and almost completed w/results of my tedious work happening right before my eyes. Now, if other aspects of my life were so easy to move on from...that's my prayer for 2010.
Keep moving forward.
Who's ready to see what God has in store?
I know I am.


  1. I enjoyed your story! The legos look like a kids dream. I would love to get the kids some more!


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