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Snow Day

"When I no longer thrill to the first snow of the season, I'll know I'm growing old." Lady Bird Johnson

I find it comical that my definition of a snow day has changed so dramatically since moving to GA. A friend commented "we call that a frost" when seeing what amount of snow in which we were playing. Only 3 times in the 8 years that I have now lived in GA, has it snowed...I'll enjoy any amount that comes my way. This year was different, however, in that, a cold snap has kept the ice/snow around many days. I like it better when it leaves within a day or so...I love my snow, but I love warmer weather even more. :)

The boys and I were so excited when the first flakes started to fall. We started making plans for the morning light. We were prepared this year for snow since we had purchased snow pants during our trip to MI last January. Thankfully so, too, because it was only 20 degrees and very windy.

We awoke to about 3/4 of an inch of snow in most parts of the yard...with a fine layer of ice underneath. Enough, by GA standards, to sled. The boys and I were layered up and outside by 8:30. We have sleds thanks to those who gave us some for Christmas presents last and this year. Boy, was it cold...but so worth it. The sunshine was a bit deceiving, but so nice to see!
We spent the morning outside then went in for a late breakfast...only to be outside again in a couple of hours. It had warmed up a degree or two by then. :) This adventure time was spent zip-lining at the neighbor's, exploring the woods, playing on the swings and at the treehouse. All fun again since they were covered with snow, of course. We ended with more sledding in a spot that had more snow, but the dreaded gumballs as well. Not a great thing to sled over, the boys found out. I spent a few minutes clearing the track of as many gumballs as I could for the boys. We also found that they could go further with me pulling them instead of just pushing them. It was fine...a good workout.
We do love snow...but now bring on spring!


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