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fireflies and freedom

It's that time of year when, at dusk, the lawn lights up with little yellow flashes that can't help but catch one's attention...and maybe even stir up some excitement.  They do for Alex and me, anyway, and out we go with a "bug jar" in hand to see how many lightning bugs we can catch. 
Let me just say, I find it harder to track them these days, but they always let me know where they are with their little lights...usually just out of my reach.  Alex, being able to look up at them and see them from a different angle, follows a lightning bug for a long time in comparison to my tracking record.  He walks around with arms held high, reaching out and even jumping at times to get them.  He is determined, but so are they to be safely out of range of those little hands.
God spoke to my heart tonight on my firefly hunt with Alex. 
As I watched him go across the yard with eyes upward and hands held high, I was reminded of this: I am to follow Christ in such a manner.  My focus is to be on Him and my hands raised high in praise to my Maker and Sustainer. 
No matter where my feet may take me, looking up is the way to go.   
Sometimes, the path we are to take is hard to find.  On my knees in prayer, looking at things from a different angle, I find my way.
Observing Alex, he moved freely wherever, whenever.  He moved as the firefly moved and nothing hindered him.  Following God brings freedom that is unmatchable. 
Praise God for fireflies to chase...and the lessons learned while doing so!             


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