Monday, May 17, 2010

The Graduate

Timothy Steven has graduated from Kindergarten!  He and his nine classmates had their graduation ceremony Friday night.  What a great evening for us all to see our children enjoying the celebration and getting ready to move on into 1st grade next year.  This wasn't easy for Tim, though...he has his mama's soft heart and has a hard time with good-byes.  He's been with some of his classmates for three years now and they are the best of friends.  
Before I could warn his teachers that the end of the year would be hard for him, I was told that Tim broke down the first day of graduation practice.  This was about two weeks before it was even going to happen.  He made it through all the practices, forcing himself to smile through it instead of cry...his teacher told me he would just keep saying "It's not today!" and go on smiling.  Bless his heart, he saved the crying for me on the way to school each morning of the last week of school.  
Tim did so well at graduation.  There were tears, but he kept on singing and saying his parts.  I am so proud of him!  He had lots of smiles inbetween the tears to let me know he was enjoying his big day.  Saying goodbye as we were leaving, seemed to overwhelm him and he couldn't look his teachers in the eye to say goodbye, so he just have them a hug and said goodbye without looking at them.  Denial starts at a really young age, apparently. :)  
On our way out to the car we passed by the playground and we let Tim and Alex play for awhile before going home.  Tim climbed up on the slide and sat and cried for a minute or broke my heart, but I know it will get better with time.  Sometimes a good cry is the only thing that helps.  By the time we got home, he was excited about figuring out when he could get together with some friends again over the summer.
Tim had great teachers in PreK and Kindergarten, did well in school, and made some great friends over the years.
God is so good! 

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