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The Plan

Alex is always thinking ahead.  He is rarely without a plan, and can come up with a "Plan B" pretty quickly, too, when need be.  Some of my favorite times with Alex are at bedtime, discussing the Bible stories we read each night.  His way of looking at things is refreshing...and often amusing as well.
Just last night we read in Genesis 24 the story of Abraham sending his chief servant out to find a wife for his son, Isaac.  The servant prayed for God to lead him to the bride for his master's son.  (It's a beautiful story of faith, trust, obedience, prayer, faithfulness and thankfulness...but, just before bed isn't a time to go over all of those points.)  The boys and I talked about how the servant prayed for God to lead him to the chosen girl for Isaac and how God answered that prayer with Rebekah.
We then talked about beginning now to pray for the girl that God has for them to marry one day.  Praying for their future wife to grow up loving God and wanting to obey Him in all areas of her life is an important thing for them to do. (I've been doing it since they were born.)
Tim said okay and prepared for prayer time.  Alex had a plan.
Alex said he'd pray...but also when he's 13 he's going to make a poster to hang up saying "I need a girl who loves God." to find his wife.
Never hurts to have a "Plan B", I guess.  :)


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