Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The other day, Tim comes walking out of the kitchen holding the little yellow sponge that came with my flattop stove.  He asked me if he could "use" this for something.  Surprising myself, I knew exactly where he was going with this question...I guess it was the gleam in his eye as he spoke.  Before answering him, I asked him a question.  "By using, do you mean pretending it's SpongeBob?"  He smiled and answered affirmatively.  I told him to wait until we went to the store and I'd buy him a yellow sponge to make a SpongeBob out of it.
Well, yesterday was the day.  I had to buy a package of six sponges to get one yellow one.  Not even giving it a second thought, I gave Tim the package once we got home.  His eyes immediately lit up and he was so excited that there was a pink sponge in the pack, too.  The pink sponge was going to become, why didn't I think of that??? 
Last night, the sponges came to life.  Tim proceeded to use all six sponges in the package...two became a road, on one he drew Patrick's rock, and the last one became SpongeBob's pineapple house.  My little man does know how to use his "imaginaaaaaation".  (That comes from what happens to be a very funny episode of SpongeBob...don't ask me how I know that).  ☺   

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