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Road Trip 4

Day 6:  Tuesday, June 8th
Alex is making plans already for when we get home...he always looks ahead.  Tim's looking forward to home, too...the new Toy Story 3 movie comes out soon.  He's so excited about it!  They have been so wonderful on this trip and I am proud of them for it.
The boys played with their new friends camping beside us this morning.  When the neighbors left to go bike riding, the boys and Grandpa Roth went to the lake for some swim time.  They played on the playground before heading back, too.  Funny thing happened, as the boys and Grandpa were walking back up to the camper, the kids next door got back from their bike ride.  Great timing!  They played for about an hour or so before it was time for us to head out for our next adventure.  The boys were sad, but they didn't know our next adventure was just down at the lake...jet ski time!  Alex's eyes got so big with excitement when we told him what we were doing.  Tim's sadness went away quickly, too!  We rented a jet ski and took turns driving the boys around the lake.  We all had such fun out on the water.  It was a quiet morning on the water...we basically had it all to ourselves, which was perfect!
Our next destination is Vernal, UT in the heart of dinosaurland.  There is actually a city called Dinosaur in Utah.  We ate at a wonderful Italian restaurant for lunch there on our way through to Vernal.  The KOA we are staying at is actually called KOA Dinosaurland.  They have a T-Rex statue in town and someone decorates it for every season or special occasion.  Driving by today, he was dressed up in a cap and gown for graduation.  The campground host gave the boys both a dinosaur hunting license...and a paper they can keep track of which dinosaurs they see around town and in the museum.  Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day of white water rafting through Dinosaur National Park on the Green River.  Can't wait!
Day 7:  Wednesday, June 9th
We got up and went right over to go rafting this morning.  The day included a short hike up to a place where there were petroglyphs carved into the rock on the way to the place where we to put in.  That was pretty cool to be able to see...having left my camera back at the camper, there are no pics of them.   
A short 10 minute drive up the road, and we were at the river.  It was a perfect day for rafting...warm and sunny with some intermittent clouds.  It was a perfect day for mosquitoes, too.  They swarmed us as we were getting ready to board the raft.  They put Alaska's mosquitoes to shame...yes, indeed, they were that bad!  In our raft, were our family of 4, a couple from FL and the guide.  The boys were so excited they got to help row and everything.  The roughest rapids were at the beginning of the trip.  The water was high due to the snow pack melting, we moved quickly downstream.  The canyon was just absolutely beautiful to view from the raft.  We all loved it...the boys were looking out for the rapids and were quick to laugh and ride them out like pros.  Starting out, they would hop to the center of the raft and just ride through the rapids...toward the end they stayed on the raft's edge and made it clear they were having the best time, hoping for rougher water.  The man told us along the way that when his wife saw our boys were going rafting, she finally agreed to come.  She didn't want to be shown up by little kids and said she was glad she came in the end.  We had lunch along the river's edge and then proceeded onward to the take out spot.  Having the swift, high water we were able to get out at a spot and hike to a cave right across from the take out point.  The boys were getting tired, but they hiked up the hill to the cave anyway like true sports.  It was a nice way to end the trip.  We could see the motorhome from the rock's ledge in front of the cave.  Scott's dad didn't go rafting with us, so he drove to pick us up there.  It was great day on the river.
We returned to our KOA and went swimming for awhile then tried to go to the dinosaur museum but it was closing.  We opted for a drive and found a reservoir not too far from town.  There was a pull off spot that allowed you to look down over the lake.  The boys and Scott did some hiking down to the water's edge, but Doug and I stayed up at the top.  We made it back to camp with enough daylight to play on the playground, swim again, and enjoy the sunset.  We watched a lightning storm in the distance once it got dark.  That was awesome!       


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