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Road Trip 2

Day 3:  Saturday, June 5th
I keep waking up early local times, like 5 AM early.  Always wonder why I wake up early on my own while on vacations...must not want to miss anything.  Had plenty of time to get the boys ready to go to a medical clinic that was open on Saturdays in Estes Park.  We were seen first @ 9 and by 10 we were back in the motor home with the good news that it wasn't strep.  Of course that means it is viral and they have to just let it run its course, but the worst should be behind them already.  It makes me feel better knowing...time to move on to bigger and better things to think about on our trip. 
For this night, we found a campsite at Good Sam's which was close by Rocky Mtn. Nat'l Park and in Estes Park.  Quaint little campgrounds with a fishing lake, a river running through it, a pool to enjoy, and a snow capped mountain view right outside my door.  Having made the reservation while the boys and I were at the Dr.'s office, when we were picked up we headed out for breakfast and on our way to explore the Rockies.
I have been to Estes Park before, but the mountains were still as captivating as before...still rocky, still snow capped, but still beautiful nonetheless. :)  The favorite thing for me was hiking to Alberta Falls.  There was so much water from the melting snow and recent rains that the falls were incredible to see and hear.  The roar of the water was so loud you had to raise you voice so people beside you could hear you.  Climbed around on the rocks, experienced some great views around us, and played in some snow still on the ground along the way.  The cutest thing was this chipmunk munching away on some nut perched on a rock beside the falls.  So cute!  He wasn't very afraid of people, either, so it was a joy to get such a close up shot of him without scaring him away. (photo of chipmunk in "summer's beauty" blogpost)
Probably didn't do as much as we might have if the boys would have been feeling better, but we made the most of the time we spent in the mountains.  Once back at camp, we went swimming all the while being able to see snow... that was just so crazy!  Lots of people were fishing and having fun by the lake which was fun to watch.  We walked to dinner at a restaurant across the river.  There was some excitement throughout the evening as the river started to rise and flood its banks.  People monitored it throughout the nighttime hours in case people needed to evacuate their sites by the river's edge. 
A fun filled day ended with no fevers, full stomachs, lots of good memories and thoughts of what will come with tomorrow.
Day 4:  Sunday, June 6th
Awoke at 5AM again.  Maybe tomorrow I will sleep later...maybe.  We hit the road running about 7 AM and headed for Moab, UT.  Good news of the day was that the boys awoke with no fevers!  Praise God for His healing.  Minor sore throats still, but they are on the road to recovery.  I fixed scrambled eggs and sausage in the camper for breakfast...first meal I cooked on that little stove and all went well. 
Boys have been playing up in the loft all morning.  It's so good to hear them playing and acting more like sweet!  One thing we are enjoying as we drive is playing Dominoes together.  They really love that and Slap Jack.  I can only play so many games of that in a row, though. :) 
We made a stop at a pull off titled "The Summit".  Majestic view of several mountain peaks with a lake below just on the outskirts of Frisco, CO.  Another breathtaking area was Glenwood Canyon, CO...driving through was just awe inspiring...I found myself saying "Wow!" numerous times on the way through the canyon.  Made a stop in the canyon and watched as some put in to go rafting down the river.  We saw some great rapids that they would encounter once we were back on the road.  Made me want to take a ride on the wild side myself...maybe another day. :)  Read about Glenwood Canyon here...
When we arrived in Moab, it was 100 degrees by the pool...102 by the time we left the pool just an hour later.  We left to go see what there was to see before darkness set in.  We played down near the Colorado River and chased after lizards chillin on the rocks.  We drove a little ways into Arches Nat'l Park...the rocks were so red as the sun set lower in the sky.  Absolutely a sight to see.  Needing gas in the RV and food in our stomachs, we headed back.  After dinner, I did some laundry and enjoyed the warm breeze under a star filled sky.  On a trip back to the camper from the laundry room, I saw a falling was so beautiful!  It has been a long time since seeing that many stars fill the sky.  It will be one of my favorite memories of the trip.   


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