Tuesday, May 3, 2011


One of my favorite times of the day is prayer time with my boys before bed.  I never know what they're going to say during those prayers...or just what is going through their minds as we take turns praying.
Many times, Tim's prayers are about the same things every night...school, family, thanking God for something, missionaries, etc.  One night, though, when he started to pray, he said a prayer that included "and thank You for this food..."  Though smiling, his brother and I didn't say anything after he said, "Amen!" and it only took a second for what he had said to sink in and then we all had a good laugh with him.
Alex's prayers often remind me of what the faith of a child is all about...ask and you shall receive.  He has that much faith.  His prayers include asking protection and courage for missionaries around the world...every night.  He doesn't miss a night.  He prays about things that I sometimes forget over the day's time and activites.  I learn alot from his prayers.
Last night, Alex was praying and thanking God for all the "laughters" of the day.  This blessed my heart.  We did have alot of fun yesterday with friends and as a family, both.  Alex is sometimes my serious one...the one always thinking, planning, and yes, scheming, at times, too.  He loves to laugh, though, and to know he had a day where the laughter reigned over everything else, was just a great way to end my day.
Right before prayer time, last night, Alex and Tim were retelling the events that led to Tim almost running over Alex with the 4 wheeler.  Yesterday was day 2 of us having a dirt bike and 4 wheeler...still wet behind the ears, the two of them, but getting braver and bolder with every minute riding.  I had already told Tim to keep all four wheels on the ground when turning. (yikes!)  He had been riding all over our property singing "She'll be comin' around the mountain..." at the top of his lungs.  Although trees line both property lines between us and our neighbors, I know they could hear him.  It was so cute...loud, but cute!  The louder he sang, the faster he drove.  He is loving the 4 wheeler, but he can get in his own little world at times, so I have to bring him back to reality now and then.
Anyway, as the story goes, Tim "accidentally" hit the gas while Alex was sitting on his dirt bike near him.  Tim hit the bike, but Alex was able to get out of the way.  Nothing major happened.  Tim's first reply was, "I thought you'd move!"  "Really, Tim? Really?" was Alex's reply (sounded just like me when he said, it, too).  Having just heard the story (I had been at the Y when this all took place), during my prayer, I thanked God for His protection and that He would give us discernment when riding.
Apparently, my prayer brought back the memory of the evening's events, so upon my "Amen.", the boys both burst with laughter.  Belly laughs from both beds brought laughter from me as well.  Adding to it all, still laughing until tears came, Alex looks at Tim and asks, "What are we laughing at anyway?"  Barely able to speak because of his own laughter, Tim looks back at him and says, "I'm not sure!"  And we all laugh some more.
Prayers finished, laughter subsided, I walked out of their room considerably more thankful for all the "laughters" of the day, too.    


  1. what a fun moment!!

    When I was about 10 or 11 I was running down the street. My brother came up behind me on his bike and ended up running me over. When asked why he said "I though you'd move!"

  2. sounds like lots of fun:) Sounds like something my brother & I might have done, if we had had the chance{{grins}}