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Wednesday's Walk: beautiful blooms

As a little girl, I loved springtime flowering weeds in the yard and would go out and pick a handful to put in some water to enjoy inside.  You know...those little yellow and purple flowers that bloom right before the yard needs to be mowed for the first time.  Such little intricate perfect blooms, you have to love them. 
Well, I do anyway. 
Dandelions were (and are) an all time favorite of mine, too, because they are like little yellow smiley faces.
Then there's Queen Anne's Lace...the tall, white beauties along the roadside in the summer months.  I always dreamed of having that in my wedding bouquet.  (This didn't work for a wedding in February...bummer!).
Last year, the DOT wildflower project actually worked along a stretch of the highway by our office, and, every morning, I would start my day by soaking up the beauty of the bright, bold colors of poppies, black eyed susans, and batchelor buttons.    
This morning, the boys went out to ride their bikes before school.  Alex is enjoying a new bigger bike that we were graciously given to us by some friends.  It goes alot faster for him and he likes that alot.  He comes back in after a few minutes to where I was in the kitchen and tells me to look at what he found up by the road.  He hands me a pretty yellow flower, says, "I love you!"  My heart melted as I said, "Thank you!".  He apologized for the wrinkled leaf on one side.  He had carried in his teeth as he rode to the house so that it wouldn't get smushed between his hand and the handlebar.  Just the thought of what that must have looked like made me smile even more.    
Nothing is more beautiful to me than a pretty yellow blooming weed picked with love by one of my boys. Nothing.

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  1. LOVE this! My husband laughed at me one year as we drove to Texas in the spring and I exclaimed, "Look at all those pretty yellow flowers!" They were, of course, dandelions. Best to pick them when they're pretty yellow before they go to seed and take over the lawn, though, I suppose. I love any flower my kids bring in (always hoping it hasn't come from the neighbors' flower beds!)

  2. Oh my just about have the sweetest boy ever!!!! Such a sweet and tender heart to think about carrying in his mouth so he wouldn't smash it and being so worried about the wrinkled leaf. What a blessing to your heart he must be?! Tell him to keep it up and he will make one good husband!
    : )


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