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granting freedom

We let Spikey out of his home away from home this morning before we left for the day.  It would be dark most likely before we returned, so we thought it best to let him free while we were all here together.  It was exciting, yet a wee bit sad for my big hearted 8 year old.
It was wonderful to see Spikey up close and outside in the great outdoors.  However, we did not see him fly away.  He calmly sat on his leafage and seemed pretty content.  We all said goodbye and afterwards, Spikey raised one of his legs as if to wave "Goodbye!" back at us.  It was funny.
When Spikey "waved" is when it hit Tim that this would most likely be the last time we saw him.
We didn't dwell.  No time and no purpose to...just went on with our morning schedule.
Sometimes we just have to let go, knowing we don't know what is next.
We placed him and his leaf on a bush outside, trying to make him less of a target for birds and such while he was getting his wings beneath him, so to speak.  He looked happy.
When we arrived home this evening, I checked the bush and he was gone.  No sign of a disturbance of his was still perched on the bush.  Also no sign of a deceased butterfly under or around the bush that was visible on first sight.  Good signs, I'd say, to the first day of the rest of Spikey's life as a free butterfly.
We have had passion flowers on our property before, so maybe Spikey will find them and begin a new generation of Spikey Jr's and Spikettes for us to enjoy.


  1. Best wishes to Spikey! This was a good post on letting go! (:>)

  2. What an experience. Good for them to watch the whole process.


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