Wednesday, October 10, 2012

updates: Spikey and Memory Blankets

Alex's memory blanket top is all sewn together.  He was so excited when he saw his handiwork.  It was his choice on how to have the squares cut out and how to lay them out for his blanket top.  He even helped me sew them together once in awhile.  He'd push down the sewing machine pedal while I fed the material under the needle.  Teamwork at it's best!  The only thing we are trying to decide upon now is if he wants to add a row of solid t-shirt squares from the backs of his shirts to widen the blanket.  It has a nice length, but it might just be a little narrow.  We shall see what he decides.  Once he decides, it's just a matter of cutting the batting and knotting the comforter.  He has decided on using black yarn for the knots and edging.  I think it will be a wonderful way to finish his blanket...and we already have black yarn from a GA Bulldogs blanket I made last year.  Bonus!

Tim and I began working on his blanket...squares are almost all cut out.  45 is the magic number...unless we add solids in to make it wider.  Then the magic number will be 63.

Spikey is no longer a caterpillar.  A day after we kidnapped befriended him, we found him hanging by his hind legs.  The little fellow wasted no time into forming his chrysalis.  He now resembles a dried up leaf just as he should according to pictures I have seen online.
We hope to see a butterfly someday soon!


  1. What a great idea those blankets are! Did you find a pattern somewhere or are you just doing it on your own. I would love to do one with my kids' t-shirts but would need an exact pattern to follow and then maybe I could do it ;)

  2. No pattern...Alex decided on where to place which square. I had an 8 inch square already, so that's the size we made from the t-shirts (a larger square would have been too big for their little shirts). You can google it or look on pinterest for a pattern probably.