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memory blanket beginnings

The boys and I have been saving some of their favorite t-shirts for a few years now.  When they outgrow one, they bring it to me and say it's for the memory blanket stash or for donation.  Tonight, we hauled the stash out to the living room and sorted them into Alex and Tim piles.  It is so much fun for us to "remember when" with each shirt.
Alex and I went over each t-shirt so he could decide just exactly how he wanted the 8 inch square placed on his shirts.  It's his blanket, so he makes the final call.  When a look of concern came about because the designs on a few shirts were much larger than our square, I suggested that we could take photos of his shirts in their original state so that he'll always know what they looked like.  Happy with that solution, it was much easier to find a good square on each shirt.
Alex wants to make sure that I wait to work on it again when he's able to help me.  Tim was working on a science project tonight while Alex and I began cutting out his squares, but he wanted to make sure that I would let him help with his stack of shirts, too.
It's moments like these that I want to remember forever...and am thankful for this blog in order to help me and the boys do so.
I love the memories we are beginning to make together as we begin making our memory blankets!

BMC, hand me down from Lance, Lego
BMC, first Upward jersey, homework
Alex picked out for daddy, Lego, Myrtle Beach

SpongeBob, Cozumel, Las Vegas from Gpa Roth
camo USA, basketball, BMC 2011,
yellow river field trip, (actually tim's shirt), gift from Ken & Anna

Mario, Vegas from Gma & Gpa Roth, Daddy's preschool shirt
World of Coke, Palmetto Baptist preschool 2007, basketball
baseball, New York from Gma & Gpa Roth, musical shirt from Grace

picked out for Mom, Palmetto Baptist preschool 2006, GA aquarium
1st Nascar race at Atl Motor Speedway, Upward practice shirt, coach pitch baseball
soft blue material, favorite, yard sale pick

favorite shorts from a yardsale, Mario pj's, Scooby Doo pj's
Carnival cruise, pj's, pj's
San Francisco t-shirt from Nana, first t-ball jersey, Tampa from Nana


  1. Janet - what a wonderful way to remember is turning into another wonderful memory - love this! I have two binfuls of baby and toddler clothing I saved for this purpose. Then, over the last couple of years I started stashing their favorite tees in with the bins. Eventually, I hope to do something similar.

  2. How fun! I just started cutting up shirts yesterday to do the same sorta thing.

  3. Oh, I can't wait to find out how well this turns out too. My daughter and I were just talking about doing this with her softball shirts when she out grows them! Is it hard? What a fun memory!

  4. It's not hard, really, but I don't know your cutting/sewing experience. Having the right tools makes all the difference in the "hard" vs. "easy" category. Invest in or borrow the cutting board, rotary cutter, and a square (all found at JoAnn's or similar crafting store...use coupons each week and you can probably get every piece 40% off). Wish you lived closer and we could work on them together! :)


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