Saturday, August 10, 2013

all because

There are times when God totally blows my mind with how well He can orchestrate an event and bring together a group of people to make something great and awesome and fun happen!
Today is one of those days!
First day of Bible Memory Camp is in the books and it was awesome!
We have...
Had so much fun.
Been enlightened by the teaching of God's Word.
Challenged to be a missionary wherever our feet take us.
Shot arrows and bb's at targets.
Played games together.
Made new friends.
Been reacquainted with old friends.
Swam in almost too warm of water.
Fought noodle wars.
Played in the sand.
Heard a story of how God uses the events of our lives that we sometimes don't understand (or make a mess of ourselves) to accomplish His will in the end in spite of it all.  All for His glory.
Enjoyed the company of 25 other people all here for the same purpose of getting to know God better, hear His voice, and having tons of fun doing it!
And, so much more...
All because He loves us so much.

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