Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sightseeing, GraceWorks in Alaska Style

Sightsee day in Portage...may be the same route, but it is always different. 
Seeing the expressions of the first-timers and hearing what say about what they are seeing is worth going back...over and over and over again.
Alaska is beautiful. No doubt about it.
If it were all about the beauty, I would take a cruise.
Going to Alaska summer after summer is about the people who need Jesus.  It is about the people who love Jesus.  It is about the people who come to serve Jesus in the amazing state of Alaska.
I have met life-long friends these past six summers.  Someone new each time.  Different states, different places in life, but lifers we will be after meeting while serving God in Alaska.
There's something special about the Last matter how many times you visit.

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  1. Alaska has some amazing sightseeing opportunities for pretty much any age.