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Another day in paradise...

Alex just cracks me up we're going through some stuff for our up and coming yard sale and he comes across something of his in the "sale pile". Without hesitation, while holding his re-found treasure, he quips, "This is a crime scene here." Who else but my firstborn son would consider it a crime scene when he found out that I put something of his in the yard sale items???
It was a nice interruption in an otherwise ugh! kind of day for me. I haven't been feeling well since ears have been bothering me again due to my sinuses. This is usually a winter thing for me so it took me by surprise to be feeling so off in the middle of the summer. I ended up going to the doctor today (one of my least favorite things to do), but I can't be having ear problems with a flight to Alaska coming up in a few weeks. I'm now on an antibiotic and prescription decongestant...but whatever it takes at this point to get my ears ready for flight - and get me less on edge around those whom I love the most.
Sorry, my boys, for being a little short on patience these past few days...forgive me for I do not mean to be so snappy at you. I love you!


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