Friday, July 24, 2009

the journey continues

I'm not even sure what to title this entry yet, so I'll leave it blank and maybe something will come to me in a bit. The days have been flying by...up until today. Boy, has the day lasted a seemingly long time! Maybe it's just because I actually accomplished alot that it seems to have been so many hours. It has been a good day, very good, actually...just long.

My bags are packed and my thoughts are already in Alaska...left half my heart there last year (as the saying goes). So thankful to be returning this year and so excited to see what lies ahead for the week.

I was asked an interesting question tonight by a good friend who's trying to figure out the purpose behind mission really to help others or is it a personal journey? I'm sure there are as many answers to that questions as there are people to ask...for me, it was a personal journey. Didn't really intend for it to be...didn't go selfishly seeking it to be all about me, but in the end I learned more about myself and who God wants me to be than I could have helped anyone there. The people I met actually helped and blessed me more than they could ever know...I hope I expressed that to them while there and since then often enough. If God used me to further His Kingdom or to encourage just one of His children in Anchorage then Praise Him for it! I found a renewed freedom in Christ while in Alaska last summer...that is priceless.

Why did it take a trip to Alaska? I am pretty sure it wasn't "Alaska" per say, but getting me away from the normal routine I was in...out of my comfort zone...and into His presence alone. The alone part of that statement is a key point. He alone is God. He alone is worthy of praise. He alone is mighty to save. He alone is my strength. He alone is to be number one in my life.

My journey didn't end in Alaska...and technically it didn't begin there either, but you get my has been an endless journey of hills and valleys, turns and detours...with a few stops and bumps along the way this entire last year. And, today it continues still. With God as my compass, the journey is no longer something to be feared or dreaded. If He can get me through this past year, He alone can get me through anything ahead of me!

Alaska...Wow! I can't wait!

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