Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quiet Days

Sometimes it's best just to have quiet days at home. I have had a couple of those yesterday and today...not much happening other than a little cleaning and alot of playing going on. I guess alot is on my mind so it really doesn't seem so quiet, but when one asks what we did during the day I realize that it really wasn't much after all.
Yesterday I went into the boys room to organize the toys again. I don't understand little boys and their need to scatter things from here to there and back again. (Maybe it's not just little boys, but more of a personality trait found in some and not in others...I wouldn't know about little girls).
I lost myself in my thoughts as I sorted, boxed up, and marked toys for the yard sale coming up Friday. It's so funny how the boys don't touch a toy for months, but as soon as I even think about selling it at the yard sale it becomes a favorite again. That lasts for a moment and then I pick it up from the floor again and place it back in the yard sale pile. It happens to bother me alot to have toys mixed together that don't belong together, so I bought two storage units for their toys to keep them organized better awhile back. It works as long as the boys remember to put things back where they belong. I think they have selective follows right along with selective hearing. :)
I wish things in life were so easily sorted through. But, having a few days to think has done me some good. I have taken a break from sorting toys for the moment, but there's more to do so I'd best get back to it. Although it is a struggle at times to figure out little boys' ways, I am ever so thankful for every minute of my life with them in it! They are indeed my sunshine.
Time to lose myself in a mass of toys...and try to make sense of all that's on my mind these days.

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