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Since it's after midnight now, I can say it's only one more day now until we leave for Anchorage. Found out some more details about our trip these past couple of days...some news is better than none. :) It only makes me all the more ready to be there and getting into the swing of things again. There are alot of people who are wishing that they were coming with us thought is that we'll just have to make plans for next summer. :) Who knows...with God all things are possible, right?!

The boys have been holding up well this week. Maybe they've been too busy to think about me leaving. Partially intentional on my part, partially just worked out that way. I told them that Mama is heading to Alaska to be a missionary and tell people about Jesus. They want to come to Alaska with me someday...and I would love to take them and get them on the mission field at an early age. They'll love it.

Been thinking alot about Alaska's state flower, the "Forget-Me-Not"'s a little poem that I found written by Esther Birdsall Darling...

"So in thinking for an emblem
For this Empire of the North
We will choose this azure flower
That the golden days bring forth,
For we want men to remember
That Alaska came to stay
Though she slept unknown for ages
And awakened in a day.
So although they say we’re living
In the land that God forgot,
We’ll recall Alaska to them
With our blue Forget-me-not."

There's something charming about that little beauty...something that makes me realize how fitting the name really is for Alaska. As if I could ever forget "Wow '08" Alaska...but the "Forget-Me-Not" is a gentle reminder that always makes me smile and remain sweet and happy while strolling down memory lane.

To the places I visited, the glacier I slid down, the mountains that wowed me, the people I met...I say three little words...

Forget. Me. Not.


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