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Cheddar's...need I say more?

Some things never change.  My taste buds' delight in Cheddar's is one of them.  When I moved to Fort Wayne to attend Taylor University, I had no idea that a restaurant would become such a landmark for fun and good times...not to mention great food. 
As college days go, there weren't a lot of extra funds (can I say none) to go around, but once in a while, we would make a special trip to Cheddar's and it was always memorable.   I remember times my best friend and I would go and split everything just so we could go to Cheddar's and still afford it.  I'll even admit we went and only ordered our favorite menu item...the one and only Cookie Monster.  It was worth the drive across town! 
Cookie Monster to go...yum!
Some of my favorite times were with my wing's trip there with putt putt afterwards...a bridal shower of one of my close friends...a surprise birthday party my friends threw for me (that's a story in and of itself :) )...and every time I go back! 
I have found 5 other Cheddar's outside of Fort Wayne...and I've visited them all over the past 10 years.  Exciting times while traveling are when mealtime rolls around when in range of a Cheddar's! 
I can always work in a Cookie Monster for dessert, too...even if on the go.

The best warm, soft chocolate chip cookie EVER!
It may not be pretty , but it makes up for it in taste!


  1. Hi Janet Rose...I have only been to Cheddars once! I didn't even know we had one in town until a month or so ago...yet it has been here for many years!

    It is out in the parking area in front of the movie theater...and we are always in a hurry to get to the movie, and I never noticed the Cheddars before! Ha!

    I will go back again though, (now that I know it's there), and I will think of you!

    Have a great day!
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. OK, so I've never heard of Cheddars...but after seeing that cookie...I so wish there were one around here :-)


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