Thursday, September 8, 2011

a little fishy

Over Labor Day weekend, we went camping with some friends from our church.  High Falls State Park has a lake and water falls (usually) that create a nice river for fishing not too far from the campsites.  Due to how dry it's been this summer, there were no falls happening but there still were spots to go fishing.
There was an off and on drizzle occurring, so it made for great fishing weather.  A group of us went down together...all of us camping together had boys...8 boys 10 and under.  Thankfully we had several of adults along, too, because that's a lot of fishing poles to keep baited.  The fish were biting, too, so the activity level was pretty high in our little area on the rocks out in the riverbed.
I just happened to be standing between Alex and Tim when they both caught fish at the same time.  Their lines were even crossed and twisted together.  Alex had a small bass about the length of my hand from fingertips to wrist and Tim had a little crappie.  I untangled the lines and took off the fish for them.  Alex threw his back first, then I turned to take Tim's off for him.  As I handed Tim his fish, he grasped it in his little hand and lifted it up to his face and talked to it so cutely.  "Hi, little fishy!"  He would have taken it home with him, I do believe, if it were possible.  He said a goodbye to the cute little thing and released him back into his river home.
Being a mom of boys rocks!
And, I did catch a fish - a baby bass about the size of my left index finger.  Talk about cute!   
Now you know who Tim gets it from...   

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