Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello, Fall!

No longer can I deny that a new season is upon us.  The first day of fall has arrived on the calendar.  Summertime, which I have grown to enjoy with every ounce of my being, has officially come to an end for 2011.  Playing off of a Dr. Suess quote, my facebook status for yesterday read, "Not crying because summer is over, but smiling because it has been a great one!!!"     
As I spent last weekend in Indiana with my family, I saw hints of fall that will not be evident in Georgia for many more weeks.  I was reminded of the beauty of the fall season.  This must be the reason why my favorite time of the year used to be fall.  Hands down, it won above all the rest.  Fall in the midwest is simply beautiful. 
My heart softened toward fall's arrival with the reminder of its beauty.   
Clean, crisp air. 
Colorful leaves. 
Harvest time. 
Popcorn and apple cider. 
Jeans and hoodies.
Hayrides with friends. 
Pumpkin yumminess.
Warm memories, good times, remembered.
Hello, Fall!  

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  1. While Fall is not my favorite season, I do enjoy the beautiful colors and all the fun outdoor activities that the season brings.