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2nd Annual "What will they say next?" : Status Updates of 2011

Again this year, I have gathered all of the quirky things said and done by my boys over the year that made it to my FB status updates.  It is so fun to relive them at the end of a very awesome year!
It makes me look forward to what they will say and do in 2012!

Alex came out to the living room after having gone to brush his teeth and put on his pajamas.  When he came back out and gave me a hug, I was surprised that he had also put on some cologne.  I sweetly told him he was smelling really well to go to bed.  He just shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's no good to have a gift if you aren't going to use it."  1.2.11
(How those words are resonating with my heart even still today.  How true it is that we are given gifts and we are supposed to use them.)

Yogi Bear is so worth seeing. Alex says it's spectacular, wonderful, and hilarious.  1.7.11

Tim, showing me a photo in his science book of a lizard extending his dewlap, exclaimed, "Looks like he's having a party in his mouth...with lights, streamers, and a disco ball!" It was a very colorful lizard. :) 1.12.11

Still laughing at the memory of Tim interpretive dancing out Alex's piano music was hilarious! 1.14.11

Alex's prayer last night included, "...and God, I hope that You have a good day tomorrow." ♥ 1.27.11

Tim and I were negotiating a fair price to pay him for helping gather sticks from the yard for kindling. Upon deciding upon $4, Tim looks up at me and agrees, "$4 it tax. So it will be $4 and some change, okay?" 1.28.11

The boys are writing their first penpal letters...I think I'm just as excited as they are about the whole thing. :) 2.3.11

After I made the comment, "I need something sweet." (making reference to dessert, of course) Tim piped in, "You have me, Mom. I'm sweet." ♥ 2.9.11

Talking about the snow this morning, Tim interjected, "And, Mom, it's REAL can make a snowball with it!" 2.10.11

Tim is sitting beside me right now writing a paper on Abe Lincoln...and having fun making shadow puppets as the sun shines in on us. ♥ 2.22.11

Alex received his first penpal letter today! He was so excited. :) 3.3.11

Over dinner, Tim did something totally Tim-like and I laughingly said, "Tim, one day you're going to be President." To which he responded, laughing, "Of what?" He is my son. 3.7.11

I love the sound of Alex playing the piano in the morning... 3.9.11

Tim's boycotting DST...he hid his alarm clock so the time couldn't be changed. 3.13.11

I knocked the apple juice out of the fridge last night. The lid broke upon impact and juice spilled all over the floor. Boys came running at the commotion. Seeing what happened, they promptly dropped to their knees and started slurping juice off the floor. Nice. 3.15.11

Looking at our world map, Alex and Tim are disussing ways to get to Madagascar: Alex would take a cruise ship...Tim would fly to Mozambique then take a houseboat to the island. 3.25.11

Alex and Tim are doing thumb exercises in the backseat in preparation for their thumb war. This could get interesting. 4.4.11

Alex's reaction to seeing J-Lo walk out on AI..."Oh, boy. Jennifer looks...puffy." 4.7.11

Tim with a dreamy voice..."My bed is my paradise." 4.8.11

We were playing Bible Trivia and Alex asked Tim, "Who did God tell to build the ark?" Tim grinned and replied, "That's an easy one...if only I could remember his name! (short pause) Oh, yeah...Noah!" 4.14.11

Tim's driving the ATV all over the property singing "She'll be comin' round the mountain" at the top of his lungs. :) 5.2.11

In quaint little Atlanta bookstore with Scott, he states, "Here's the story of your life." and hands me a book titled "Freezing". 5.7.11

Written in Alex's paper about wanting to be a police officer..."I can see myself in 'hot pursuit' and then arresting the bad guy." One too many Dukes of Hazzard episodes, maybe? :) 5.11.11

Tim's opinion about choir practice on stage last night, "It's more than's great!" He sounded just like Tony the Tiger. :) 5.19.11

Just got beat by my 7 year old in chess having only made 6 moves. Enough said. 5.23.11

Alex's thoughts on driving this morning..."When I am old enough, I will know all the rules because I watch Nascar..." 5.30.11

Seeing someone skiing on a video, Tim leans over and says that instead of using those ski poles, we could use rebar to propel us along. (FYI...his daddy specializes in selling rebar). :) 6.7.11

One would think it was his birthday or Christmas tomorrow...Tim's so excited about seeing Cars 2! If he were older, I'd take him to the midnight show. :) 6.23.11

One funny moment of the evening...Scott: "I graduated in '93..." Alex: "Was that in 18 or 19(93)?" Hilarious! 6.23.11

Tim to Alex: "Let's chest bump." Alex: "Why?" Tim: "Just because." I ♥ my boys! 6.24.11

Unpacking bags from Walmart, Alex asks, "So...we shower at camp? Is that why we bought me new shampoo?" He may never use it, but at least he'll have it along. 6.27.11

Tim's enjoying his win over Alex and I in Monopoly...he even spoke scripture over Alex reminding him that joy will come in the morning. (Psalm 30:5) :) 7.12.11

Alex's question of the day: "Mom, why do people say I'm as cute as a button? A button is a round piece of plastic with 4 holes in it. There's nothing cute about a button." 7.14.11

Tim: "Mom, you're Mennonite, right?" Me: "Yes, I grew up Mennonite." Tim: "I was born Baptist, though." Me: "Yes, but part of your heritage is Mennonite." Tim: "Well, maybe part of me only the right side of me is Mennonite." 8.18.11

Had fun with the family over the weekend playing "Last Word"...will chuckle at the mention of margaritas or "i-balls" for a long time to come thanks to my boys! 9.19.11

While eating dinner tonight, Tim declared that, from now on, "T-bone steaks would be called Timbo Steaks because of the T and all." He then successfully ate more than his half of the steak we were sharing. Glad I had a salad and baked potato to fall back on... 9.19.11

Award for the first son that required stitches goes to....Tim. Not a sure count, but around 10 stitches on his left knee. Boy (and Mom) are doing fine and recovering nicely. 9.21.11

Walking through the woods with Tim, I made mention that the mosquitos were thick. Tim replied so sweetly, "Alex and I mostly don't get bothered by them, but with your sweet skin they'll probably go for you. We'd better go now so you don't get bit." Love my boy with a big heart! 9.30.11

Comical moment of our school Tim, what is a short word to add to "her" to make a compound word? Tim: "Bert. Herbert." I looked at him, he at me...then we both busted out laughing. 10.3.11

Rainy, cool outside...Alex was just playing Christmas songs on the piano...snow came up in conversation today with Tim. It's a conspiracy! My defense is to change my profile pic to a "happy place"! :) 10.10.11

Apparently I am failing "Southern Language" even after ten years of living in GA...I said something to the boys tonight that included "y'all's" (if that's even remotely possibly a word) and Alex looked at me strangely and asked, "When did you start using that kind of language?" 10.11.11

Heard many tales from the boys about their camping trip...most of which involved battles on the playground with a 25 member Girl Scout Troop. My favorite was Alex's version of an encounter with the girl with a yellow shirt..."As I was leaving the playground I think she called me 'Honey'...'Bye, Honey!'." (Insert mock wave and rolling eyes here.) 11.6.11

When school was over today, Tim announced that he was turning back on his imagination since it was time to play. "It's like I flip a switch when we walk in the school room door. Now that school's done, I can use my imagination again." I ♥ this boy! 11.9.11

Watched "Yogi Bear" with the boys this afternoon...snuggling on the couch with them won't last much longer, so you know I enjoyed every moment of it! 11.10.11

Alex just had me time him on how fast he could tie his shoes..."If my shoe comes untied during the (basketball) game, I need to be fast in getting it tied!" 12 seconds was his time, but he has plenty of time to practice...his games don't start for several more weeks. :) 11.11.11

Alex..."Hillbilly handfishing...have you ever been hillbilly handfishing, Mom?"...(No.) "Have you ever been a hillbilly?"..." (Umm...) "Have you ever felt like a hillbilly?" (I plead the fifth.) 11.13.11

Loves hearing Tim sing in the's song, "The Little Drummer Boy" with emphasis on the "pa rum pum pum pum" part. ♥ 11.18.11

The boys singing "Jingle Bell Rock" at the top of their lungs this morning was awesome...don't you wish could have been here to experience it, too? :) 11.21.11

Conversation this morning...Me: If you want a picture with Santa, crawl on Daddy's lap and I'll take it. Alex: Yeah, he and you both are Santa aren't you? Tim: Dad's everything...the Tooth Fairy...the Leprechaun...the Easter Bunny... (Scott...a that's funny!) 11.29

‎"Mom, do you know what the hardest part of writing a book is?" Tim asked me tonight. "What is it?" I asked, thinking it would be coming up with the title, or spelling the words, maybe. His response..."Coming up with the words." 11.30

At his wellness check, Alex was asked what described his temperment. As his Dr. listed off several things to choose from, Alex exclaimed, "Genius!" (slight pause) "Wait, was that an option?" :) 12.2

Tim's in the kitchen stirring up drink concoctions for me to try...raspberry, apple, lemon and cranberry in various far they are really good. He had me lick the lemon fizz tablet...not a good idea. :) 12.5

Scott was telling a story about his grandpa who had a bite mark on one of his ears. Alex's eyes lit up and asked, "What bit it off? A dinosaur!?" 12.15

Lunch conversation...Me:"Tim, do you remember who Methuselah was?" His reply: "Yes! He was the man who lived 900 years...just like Yoda."
From OT to Star Wars, he's got his bases covered. :) 12.18

A marshmallow war is going on in my living room right's about as close as we're going to get to snow this year. :) 12.22

*Alex is singing "Let it Snow!" while sitting in the white sand of Siesta Key Beach and making a sandcastle...I can't tell him to stop even if I think he should. :)  12.28.11

*Catching his second sheepshead of the morning, Tim wondered "Why is it called a sheep when it looks like a zebra?!"  12.29.11

*Walking with his daddy, Tim declared that he was "imaginary"...and as he grows older he thinks he'll become even more imaginary!  Perhaps, the word he was going for was "imaginative".  I can only hope so. :)  12.31.11

(* never actually made it to facebook, but wished they could have) 


  1. I love these... what a great idea to write down all these memories! Hugs

  2. Hahahaha your kids say the greatest stuff!


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