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I have begun sewing together the squares...and rearranged the colors...and added a row of blocks. :)  The lighting wasn't the best for my photo shoot, but it will do for now.
Last night I sewed all of the little triangle pieces together and pressed the seams.  Tonight I started sewing the rows of little squares.  So far it isn't evident of how well (or the opposite) I did at cutting out my pieces and lining them up with each other.  It has been several years since I have pieced a quilt, so I'm a little rusty.  Time will tell.
It's for our family to enjoy, so I am not going to be too picky along the way...better to finally have an imperfect wall hanging for Christmas than no wall hanging at all. :)  At this pace, it may be done by the time the tree goes up this year!
Although we do not celebrate Santa, my favorite block in the quilt is the bottom center...I paired the Santa faces up with a "Letters to Santa" pattern.  It's adorable.


  1. Beautiful! :-) I love all the colors.

  2. I like the patterns and colors - it is coming along beautifully.

  3. How fun! A Christmas quilt to snuggle up by the fire in with. Good work...I like it a lot.

    I have never quilted. But I so admire people who do.


  4. Thank you! It's been fun taking over my living room with whimsical Christmasy colors in January. :)

  5. Janet, very beautiful! This is something that your family will love for years!
    I am not a quilter myself (I helped my mom when I lived at home)I have many quilts from her and my grandmother. I cherish them,and they have also hand quilted each of my kids their first quilts! Something that they will also cherish and hold dear forever, just as I am sure your family, will so enjoy yours for years to come!


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