Thursday, January 26, 2012

it's how you look at it

I am either getting a head start or I'm so behind that I think I'm ahead in making a Christmas quilt.  I purchased Christmas fat quarters (fancy term for a rectangle of material) back in late November finally taking the first step of getting a quilted wall hanging made for the Christmas season.  I have wanted one for a couple of years now, but time just always passes and I think, "Maybe next year."
This is the year!
My awesome sister helped me cut out the blocks while the boys and I were up visiting in Indiana this week.  She had a pattern, "Flies in the Barn", that we used.  Apparently, it is a combination of the patterns, "Shoo-Fly" and "Hole in the Barn Door"...go figure.
Anyway, I'm making a 9 block wall hanging.  I have the blocks' colors picked out and matched up, lights and darks.  Now I am in the middle of deciding how to finish the edges.  I can do either of two things...color coordinate the outside triangles with the inner pieces or go totally random.  I took a few photos tonight of some ideas and haven't made up my mind yet.
Part of me really likes the matchy-matchy look.
Part of me really wants to go random with a little consistency.
However, I think I'll probably choose random with a little symmetry mixed in...
The final decision will be how to arrange a border of strips to put on the finishing touch.  I'm excited to start sewing!

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