Monday, January 30, 2012

the color of happiness

Yesterday afternoon after a morning of glorious worship at church and a delicious lunch of crockpot roast and mashed potatoes at home, we went for a hike at a family favorite place, Cochran's Mill.  As we were preparing to go, I was readying myself for a chilly walk through the woods simply because it is January and even though the sun was shining brightly, it can be a few degrees chillier in the woods.  
Much to my surprise, the sunshine warmed me inside and out as we walked through the beautiful creation of the outdoors.  I stopped along the creek to take a photo of the water flowing over the rocks.  I turned around and to my surprise there was a bush full of pink buds.  Oh, the joy of seeing budding flowers again!  Realizing that there could still be a chance for snow in February doesn't even steal the state of happiness that sunshine, longer days, and little colorful splashes bring into life.  
However, even the beauty the God gives us to enjoy here on earth will pale in comparison to being in His presence one day in heaven.  Every day I am given is a reminder that this world is not my home...I'm ever so grateful for this hope that is for any who believe in Jesus as their Savior!    

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  1. It is so hard for me to imagine how magnificent the beauty will be, when we have been blessed with HIS beauty here on earth. When something takes my breath away, it is often times hard to believe it will never compare!