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Saturday, July 17th    
Said goodbye to Scott and the boys this morning.  They headed to IN for the first time without me.  Sad but proud moment.  They are going to have a great time, but I can't wait to bring them to AK, though. 
After saying my goodbyes, I finished getting ready and headed to Emory University Hospital to visit my father-in-law.  The hospital is very difficult for me to be in -the sights, sounds, smells are overwhelming.  I couldn't stay long in the ICU at all.  Didn't want to have them picking me up off the floor...
Time to head to the airport...left the truck for Scott at the Park 'n Fly lot and off I went with my suitcase and a smile.  Everything at the airport went smoothly.  Even had the opportunity to help a lady who was quite overwhelmed with our busy airport.  Sometimes helping someone is just a glance away, if we take the time to look around us.  Also chatted with a lady and her daughter at the gate.  They were headed to Alaska for the first time.  She stated that the airport has changed alot since she had been there last...10 years ago.  This is hard for me to imagine.  Flying has become such a normal part of my life, I can't imagine not being at the airport for more than a few months let alone years.  Although, I don't have the points to prove it, I feel like a frequent flyer.  :)
Made it to Denver with enough time to walk from one end of the concourse to the other to get to my next flight.  I was so hungry, but the lines were long at the two food places inbetween my gates and I had no time to spare.  Eating on the plane didn't sound economical or appealing, but time allowed for no other option.  Frontier's food is better than Delta's...other than that, they are about the same in customer service and such.  Frontier is the airline with the cute animals on their planes...Foxy and Chloe flew me out.   
The flight went well, but it was cloudy and so most of the beautiful mountains were covered...once in awhile a snow covered peak would be visible.  Then right before reaching Anchorage it cleared off and I saw a cruise ship on the water below us.  I love the views below flying into Anchorage.  
Landed in Anchorage around 9:30 pm local time...1:30 am GA time.  Traci picked me up and we headed to her house where I'll be staying/working for the first week.  The sun was shining when I landed...this, I loved!  We stayed up late catching up and talking about the summer and what was to come the next week in Eagle River.  I'm so looking forward to seeing how God moves this week.
Thank you, God, for a blessed day of travel on a day when the sun never set.       


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