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Monday, July 26th
Someday I will look back on this day and laugh.  Someday.  For now, I will choose to write about the highlight of my day, revisiting Native New Life Fellowship.  Let's just say, prior to Native New Life, my day was filled with a range of events and emotions.  I am so thankful God gave me a wonderful week last week to remember and the sermon yesterday to remind me that there's a greater good out there in having a bad day.  God can use my day to draw me closer to Him.  I will admit I cried out to Him time and time again throughout my day.  At other times, I just cried.  Thanks to Joan for just giving me a hug and not asking a whole lot of questions.  I needed that!
Having gone to Native New Life last Monday, I was so excited to go again this week.  There were alot more people in attendance this week, but mostly because all of the teams with GraceWorks this week came.  (As did, a group of 21 young men, serving in Anchorage with Campus Crusade for Christ.)  
Same sort of service, starting with songs called out by the congregation members, followed by the leader calling up people to share a testimony or sing a song.  A refreshing service again for my heart...especially on a day like today.  Tonight, the leader was a lady who played the accordian.  It was beautiful to hear.  She called up those on teams this week to sing a song...however she worded it freed us as staff to remain seated this week. :)  Sharing time ended with the leader's family singing a song together.     
So glad my day ended on a good note.  Really, most of me is just glad it ended.  Period.   


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