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Tuesday, July 20th
I am loving my week in Eagle River and it's only Tuesday!  God is so good and he is moving among His people...I'm so glad to be a part of it all!
The kitchen was a hub of excitement again this morning.  Between those seeking coffe, tea, and warmth (maybe a little of both) we all had a good morning chatting with each other while I made scrambled eggs and sausage links.  The smell of brownies baking also lured some in to the kitchen...made them to enjoy at lunch.  I enjoy cooking for my team...they make it a rewarding job.  
Pastor Larry is their team leader for the week and Dr. Bowman, Hyde Park Baptist Church's head pastor, is their devotional leader for the week.  Both are highly respected by their team.  Larry is a great communicator and natural leader for the group...and hilariously funny, I might add.  His wife and two youngest children are with him and I am learning to love each and every one of them, too.  Great family!
While the team went out and did their community service projects after breakfast, I went to Walmart to shop for the rest of the week's meals.  It was a trip to remember.  All alone with my list, I browsed the aisles filling one...two...then three carts to the maximum capacity.  When I filled one, I would roll it to the customer service desk and park it, grab the next cart and start again...yes, three full carts by the time I was ready to check out.  It took 32 minutes to check out and load the van with the goods.  They had called for a guy to help me roll the carts out to the van...many people took a second look at us as we crossed the parking lot.  All three rows of seats and their floor space had bags on them, plus the passenger seat and inbetween the passenger and driver's seats up front.  It was crazy, but it felt good to get it done.  The teams arrived back from their projects just in time to help unload the van.  God's divine intervention, I do believe! :)  Yay, Team!  I had just enough time to make lunch and get things a little organized before time to leave for afternoon Bible Club.  
Bible Club in Eagle River, I found, was really different than the two previous years at the Boys and Girls Club in Mt. View.  The kids at this park actually had parents with them or really close by as they played.  Some didn't, but alot did and so we had alot more adult contact than I expected.  God had sent the right team in for this...He's good at doing such things. :)       
The afternoon flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go and get prepared for the park party.  While back at the church, I had a great talk with Julia about my 2008 trip to Alaska and how God used that trip to change my life, especially my prayer life.  Julia is a great encourager and listener...with alot of spunk when it comes to witnessing to others.  I tried to take notes as I watched her with different people throughout the day.  
The park party was starting off great...good turnout, great team effort in cooking and serving, lots of smiles as face and fingernail painting took place, lots of bouncing in the bounce house...then, the rains came.  In buckets, the rains came...and the crowds dispersed to drier abodes.  Who could blame them, really?  The pavillion only held so many of us...those of us who stayed had a glorious time of singing while Kim played the guitar.  As a GraceWorks member, it was a great time of rejoicing and sharing of our God's goodness while we were singing in the rain.
Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!  God is good...all the time!    


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