Sunday, August 15, 2010

epic 9

Sunday, July 25th 
It was moving day...but first things first: church and lunch.  Dr. Bowman from the Hyde Park Baptist team preached at Grandview this morning.  He spoke on we are all runners at one time or another and that there's always a ship waiting to take us to a "Tarshish" in our own lives and away from where God wants us to be.  He brought out the message of God's love and grace that the book of Jonah reveals to us.  God doesn't use our circumstances to pay us back for our sins, He uses them to win us back to Himself.  Jonah's time spent in the belly of a big fish wasn't payback, it was God's way of getting Jonah back on track.  God can use whatever means He desires to win our hearts back...and I am so glad He does!  I am so thankful that in 2008 he used my homesick heart to speak His words of love and direction to me.
A wonderful surprise was getting to see some of my team again...especially those that I didn't get to say a real goodbye to yesterday.  For a few more moments my heart was with my team and not being anxious about the week ahead.  The Petter's even joined us for lunch.  Dodie and Traci took us to a wonderful Mexican place, Sorrano's Grill, for lunch afterwards.  It was so good!  And, for dessert, they served a cheesecake chimichunga - absolute goodness!
Nothing now between me and my new abode for the second week.  Onward to the next phase of my time in AK... Moravian House...somewhere in the Mountain View area.  Billy had given GraceWords the house to use for staff housing this summer.  I said goodbye to Dodie and Traci, put my bags in my downstairs bedroom, and off to the church we went.  Time to get myself acquainted with a new place and with new people. 
God is matter what!               

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