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Sunday, July 18th
Church was awesome this morning...heard a sermon on Jonah, preached in a way unlike ever before.  Pastor Graham brought out that the story of Jonah and Ninevah as a story of love and grace.  We like Jonah are all runners and there will always be a "ship" nearby ready and waiting to take us to our Tarshish.  It was God's grace that had a big fish swallow Jonah...that consequence was not God's way of paying Jonah back, it was His way of winning Him back.  God loved Ninevah enough to send Jonah there with a message of hope...God loves Anchorage enough to send people here with a message of hope as well.  Great way to start my GraceWorks week!
Lunch at the Warren's and then off to Eagle River to see my mission field for the week and to meet those already arriving.  First Baptist Eagle River has a great kitchen...I had no idea it would be so filled with such great memories of fellowship and fun by the end of the week.  Took a tour of the annex and helped fill air mattresses and pass out blankets and pillows.  Scott (Kirby) arrived and gave me a big hug and welcomed me "home".  He told me that the two weeks I chose to come to AK worked out perfectly to help cover the kitchen needs.  It's awesome to see God's timing in this, especially when you consider it was last November or so when I chose the dates.  
Hugs and greetings from Jerry and Melissa...still can't believe we're all from Newnan and met in AK last year.  Saw Jay, too, from last year and met a few more team members coming in from Texas.  It was a great start to the week for us in Eagle River.
Traci and I ended our day by buying out Wal-Mart...being in ER, we had nothing in stock.
It's going to be a great week, I just know it!       


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