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carrying on a tradition

Valentine's Day brought about a very special gift to me this year.  A little history behind the gift will help it make a little more sense, perhaps...
My best friend from college, Deb, and I have the same sense of humor.  It doesn't take much for either to appreciate the humor in almost anything; and if we are together, it becomes even funnier.  Deb was known as a pretty good practical joker in college.  My one attempt at a practical joke on her ended me up in the Dean's office and on the list of things not to do for Freshman orientation for years to follow.  (All because I took a screen out of a window...and threw a mattress out the window...almost on top of the security guard doing his rounds.  Of all the times for him to be doing his job well...) All ended well with me not being kicked out of college and I still remained an RA the following year.  Good thing I had a good reputation preceding my great intended joke at stealing Deb's mattress.  My residential director ended up helping me come up with a better plan and still pulled off my joke on Deb.  The long version of that story is better than the short version, though.  She got more of a laugh out of my failed attempt than the final results.  You're welcome, Deb...providing you a laugh is my pleasure. :)
That's not the tradition being carried on, so let me get to the rest of the story.
Sometime during college or the year after, when we had an apartment together, one of us (I don't remember who started it) began surprising the other with a cup of cold water over the shower curtain.  Even now, I remember times that she got me so unsuspectingly...and, I, her.  If the one in the shower was lucky, it would be an almost total miss.  Other times, not only would the water bomb hit the intended target, it would hit the ceiling of the shower first and then continually drip cold water down for what seemed forever while the victim was recovering under the hot water spray.  One drop of cold water is very noticeable, let me tell you.
It has been awhile, but we have carried this tradition on even this many years later.  And, talking about our prank on each other always makes us laugh still to this day.
A week ago, I was inspired to tell my boys about our little game of cold water over the shower curtain.  I was in tears from laughing while telling them some of the things that would happen and how we would get back at each other over the years.  Somewhere in the story, I used the term "ice cold" water.  This is relevant to my me.
The boys had lots of questions about why, how, when, etc.  I told them it was just something we came up with as best friends sometimes do.
Fast forward to Tuesday of this week, Valentine's Day.  Normal morning routine.  Feed the boys breakfast and then I go get my shower.  I did make special pink heart shaped pancakes for the boys' breakfast, though, which is not part of our normal breakfast menu.  There I am enjoying my hot water when I hear the bathroom door open.  It's a pocket door and it makes a lot of noise when you slide it open.  This doesn't surprise me for one of the boys is always opening the door and asking where something is or if they can do something.  There were no questions asked, so I asked if something was needed.  Tim answered while laughing, "No."  Then it hit me.  Ice cold water over the shower cubes along with it!  I screamed.  Then was hit with another blast of ice cubed water...this time from Alex.  I groaned as the cold water covered my head and ice cubes landed at my feet.  Direct hit again.
Then, I laughed.  Hard.  We all three were laughing so hard over their joke on Mama.
Alex declared on his way out the door, "Mom, it's Valentine's Day.  This was your Valentine's gift!"
I was so proud.  They remembered and executed the prank perfectly.   A tradition goes on.
When Alex and Tim told their account later, they gave me two thumbs up on being a good sport and handling it all really well.  Thanks, boys...thanks.
I have asked them to leave out the ice cubes next time, though. :)


  1. Oh my! I am a big chicken to being cold, so that would have surely been an eye opening surprise for me! (Hm...that would definitely keep me on my toes! lol)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (Oh also, meant to say...that was neat to see that you were able to "meet" Marjorie through my blog...she is an amazing quilter and very sweet). ...and I also meant to say on your other fun shopping with your sons must be :o)


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