Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sock Monkeys Rule!

The boys and I took a trip to Hobby Lobby the other evening in search of the perfect material to be the back of my Christmas quilt.  I had little hope of finding something fitting this many weeks after Christmas, but with coupon in hand, we went.
I love shopping with my boys.  I always have.  They see new things and we chat along the aisles about all sorts of stuff.  They get ideas for things they want to make themselves...and that they want me to make for them.  They have been by my side shopping since wee little and have learned how to behave in stores and I am proud of the little men they're becoming.
We made our way to the fabrics by way of the entire store.  Our store is set up exactly opposite of the last Hobby Lobby we were in, so we started out on the wrong foot from the get-go.  But, we didn't mind.  It was fun to see everything along the way.
We discussed the different types of fabric...flannel, tulle, satins, cottons, etc.  Tim suggested we put some Cars material on the back.  Alex went on a search for materials that he wants for his own quilt.  I headed to the wall of fabric arranged by colors.  Reds and greens were side by side.  Fancy that.  None worked for one reason or another.  After a few suggestions by the boys who soon caught back up with me, I suggested we look in the neutral section.  Not two seconds after shifting to the right, I saw it.  It was perfect.  Sock Monkeys!  Although not a Christmas material, the little red hat it wears gives the impression of a Santa hat and that's good enough for me.  With the boys' approval we move on to the check out.
With Valentine's money from Grandma in their pockets, the boys choose some candy for their ride home.  I love watching them process how much things are, trying to add in tax, and making sure they have enough money.  They're learning.
When we get home with our treasures, the boys begin Skype-ing with their cousins from Indiana.  My sister is there, too, so I show her my material choice.  Unfortunately, Sock Monkeys creep her out.  Sorry, I didn't know...maybe once it's done, this quilt will change her mind about the cute little things.
I was able to begin quilting this afternoon.  A cool, rainy day was a perfect excuse for staying inside and under the warmth of a blanket, even if it isn't finished yet.  I think I'm in trouble, thumb hurts already and it's only day one of quilting.


  1. Too funny that sock monkeys creep out your sister!

  2. Oh! I love sock monkeys! And this looks perfect :o) Beautiful quilt that you have shown there too!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you so much for your lovely visit :o) It's been a long time since I have been doing my blog visiting, and will need to come back again on my next day off to catch up with you!