Tuesday, February 28, 2012


"Obey what I command you today."  Exodus 34:11

As I read this verse tonight, it hit home with me.  In context, it is what God told Moses as he was on Mount Sinai with the second set of stone tablets.  In this moment of my life, it is a reminder of how to live out my daily walk.
Thoughts of what's coming in the days ahead or events that have transpired in previous days often take over my time in the present.  Living in the moment is sometimes very difficult.  
Tomorrow looks more inviting.  
Yesterday was more memorable. 
Today is just the day before or the day after something "better".
Or is it?
Today is all I have.  Today is now.  Today is a new beginning to yesterday's failures.  Today must happen before tomorrow comes.  Today is the time to dwell in God's presence and hear from Him as Moses did on Mount Sinai. Today is the day to live...love...obey.
So much can happen today...
God, please help me live it out in obedience one minute at a time.   

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