Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Pond

The nicest catch so far!  

My whole hand fit inside this bass' was that big!
I took the boat out and ran into this guy along the way. 
Hanging out by the pond.

Sunny day awesomeness.

Tim's first catch from the pond!

Hiking through the woods.
Celebrating the closing on our property with the first catch!


  1. That first shot is absolutely STUNNING! I know that my step-dad would love all that fishing. He loves fishing for those large mouth bass.

  2. Great pictures! They really make me want to get outdoors and enjoy nature more.
    I was looking around your blog and I love your quilt. I started one years ago and it is pinned together and needs to be sewn together. I would love to finish it but don't know that I could ;) I also see we were born in the same year :)