Friday, February 10, 2012

plethora of hearts

There's a whole world of all things pretty, cute, seasonal, beautiful, crazy, whimsical, and every other adjective one can imagine right at our fingertips...thanks to Pinterest.  I put up the final touches to our classroom's Valentine's Day decor this morning.  They were two projects I saw on Pinterest that I thought I had enough time to complete before the 14th arrived.
I'm no Martha Stewart, but I think the first one turned out really cute...

Who knew using an iron to melt down crayon shavings in-between wax paper sheets could make such cute "stained glass" hearts!  It took longer to hang them than it did to make them. :)
Our other classroom window now displays three yarn hearts...

Cute and very easy...and, in my case, free!  I used some wire I found in the garage and yarn I have in my knitting stash.  The pink ones are Tim's favorites.
So, if I never get around to any other project I see on Pinterest, I can at least say I have benefited from the two I did take on for a Happy Valentine's Day.     


  1. Wow - I love the stained glass effect :) Might need to try that - thanks!!

  2. The first ones sounds so easy, and I pinned the yarn one. Thanks!

  3. I really love pinterest too! Look me up! Very pretty hearts~ maybe something I should try. Hugs to you!