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30 reasons why 40 is better than 20

I know who I am.
"Daughter of the King" is the title by which I want to be known over any other.
I hear "I love you!" every. single. day.
Two boys make me laugh out loud.
My best friends now are the best of the best back then.
I have been out of the USA...three times, even.
"You're beautiful!" is no longer just something I dream about hearing one day.
Age does not define me.
No more awkward first dates.
I own matching living room furniture.
Alaska!!!  (Need I say more?)
I admit now that I was wrong to think that 40 is old.
No more college loans.
I believe that dreams do come true.
God shows Himself mightily...I anticipate Him doing so now rather than be surprised when He does.
I am a "regular" at the Y.
South African penguins are real!
I realize that pulling an "all-nighter" is highly overrated.
Writing blog posts and status updates are more enjoyable than term papers and finals.
True love exists.
I have the best job ever!
Road trips are longer than just a weekend.
Marriage and motherhood are not just for my closest friends.
Cell phones, email, Skype, facebook, and even computers in general are a part of my everyday life.
I really like my roommates!
I can testify of God's forgiveness for the worst of mistakes.
No longer do my friends refer to my car as "The Beast".
I actually tan rather than burn and peel.
My bed is not a couch during the day.
I understand this statement:  “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” ~Frederick Buechner


  1. Great list. Happy Belated Birthday! Maybe I should start thinking of my list, my birthday is just a few months after yours.


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