Sunday, May 6, 2012

the 5000

RUSH 2012 was the next on the birthday season's agenda...and it didn't disappoint!  RUSH Ministries, Reaching Unchurched Students for Him, is a grassroots ministry that took root back in 2004 with its first youth conference held in 2005 at a church in Lagrange, GA.  It has been blessed by God through the years, beginning with hundreds of students and leaders and now reaching nearly 5000 students and leaders from Georgia and the neighboring states.  A church can no longer house the has gone to pasture, literally.  Being held at The Rock Ranch does something special aside from drawing you out into beautiful countryside in the middle of nowhere, it requires determination to get be intentional about getting there.  It's not convenient.  You have to want to be there.  And, apparently about 5,000 people wanted to be there this year.
I'm not a big concert goer...not really even a little...but I have found out for myself that the rumors are true (for at least two Christian artists) that a concert can be just a really big worship session in disguise. :)  In my book, that's awesome because I love to worship God with others...and with 4,999 others it rocks!

I videoed little snippits of Kristian Stanfill and Toby Mac during the evening session last night...for all of those people in front of me, there were thousands more behind.  The voices raised in praising God were many and strong.  Several hundred students accepted Jesus as Savior over the two nights.
God is good.

In spite of being hot, tired, and covered in sweat, dirt, and sunscreen, it was a wonderful day!

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