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Birthday Season: opening day

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free..."
Galatians 5:1
Yes, indeed, it is the month of May and my birthday season has officially begun! Today was full of time with my, shopping for their summer clothes, and making cupcakes.  Along with those things were prep work for tomorrow's meal at church, laundry, and signing on the dotted line to put our house on the market.
In the back of my mind I am beginning a list of reasons why 40 is better than 20...check back time to time to see when it has been completed.  It may surprise you; it has me so far.
Wanting to get this post in on 5/1, I sat down to complete it and realized I had but 5 minutes before the strike of midnight...I've been too busy getting other things completed for tomorrow (which is now today).  I guess I'll go ahead and find my 5:2 verse for later today because I know this day is just as full as yesterday.  
Oh, how I love the month of May!


  1. I must have missed somewhere that you were moving. I hope all goes well with the sale of your home. And I hope your birth month continues to bring you many more blessings ( I already know it will)!

  2. We aren't moving that far...just to the other side of the tracks in our same county. Not broadcasting it loudly yet...just seeing what happens. :)


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