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To Texas and Back

Texas is neither southern nor western. Texas is Texas. - Senator William Blakley

For my birthday trip this year, Tim and I flew out to Houston to visit friends.  Last summer I met an amazing group of people from Bear Creek church when they came to Alaska to volunteer with GraceWorks.  Our friendship has carried on beyond that week and has been a blessing to me throughout this past year.
Flying standby is always a guessing game, but when it works it's awesome.  It finally "worked" and we arrived on Friday evening...a little later than we had hoped, but we still made it.
Driving to our friends' home, Tim looked out at our newest state visited and simply stated, "Mom, Texas doesn't look like Texas."  I totally understood what he was saying.  Houston just doesn't fit the image that is portrayed about Texas.  It looked like a flat, big skied Atlanta.  Not even a cowboy or a tumbleweed on a billboard; the only indication we were in Texas were the state flags flying over everything.
Saturday we drove down to Galveston to go to Moody Gardens.  We so wanted to tour the Blue Bell Ice Cream facility and receive our freebie treat at the end, but we looked online and found out they do not have weekend tours.  Bummed, but thankful that we saw that fine print before we drove over there early in the morning ready for a tour.  The drive to Galveston on a holiday weekend reminded me of driving north in MI over a holiday weekend...congested and slow at times, but worth it!
We saw all that Moody Gardens had to offer, but were not aware that the Palm Beach was open and a fully functioning water park that was included in our tickets.  Next time we'll know and be prepared with swimming attire!  My favorite attraction at MG was the Rain Forest with the butterfly exhibit.  Something about butterflies just makes me happy.  And, when one sits on my son's finger and makes him so totally excited, who wouldn't say it was the best part of the day?!!

Sunday was church and relaxing by the pool before we headed out for an Alaskan team reunion/pool party. Only one couple that I came to know and love in Alaska wasn't able to make it.  They were missed!  It was so nice to catch up on life events and reminisce about Alaska...and look forward to our next adventure up there this year.  Our paths will cross for a couple of days in Anchorage this year...I'm leaving a couple of days after they arrive.  We'll make the most of it, not to worry.
Epic fail on picture taking over the weekend with my friends.  Cannot believe the lack of photos I took, but we'll just have to have a next time so that I can remedy this.  Smile.

Not your normal beach, but ocean waves are always awesome!

Ocean waves + no sand = one happy boy!


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