Sunday, June 28, 2009

all about me

There's a running joke between my best friend and me that I can make everything all about me and most times without anyone ever noticing until it's all said and's a phenomenon I don't understand and don't realize even myself at times, but it does happen. I tried to teach her how to do it, but you've either got it or you don't...she is getting better at it, though. :)

I've said all that to say this: we are living in a society that is focusing on an "all about me" attitude. Self this and self that...this isn't a new concept. However, I started to take notice lately that alot of the songs being played on Christian radio stations are even "self" oriented. (Now, even the worst of these songs can be better than other options to listen to, don't misunderstand me). But, in a way, even Christian artists have started singing "self help" songs...songs to make you feel like someone else is suffering with issues just like you..."you are not alone" kinds of songs.

What's so bad with that, one may ask. It's not that it's all's just that it's becoming more of the routine to be thinking about who I am and what I can do instead of who God is and what God can do even within otherwise good Christian songs. Everyone needs a little encouragement along the way. Music can do that. Everyone needs to feel like someone understands and music can relay that message. It's just that too much of a good thing can be harmful.

Too many moments of thinking of self becomes selfishness and self-pity. It's time we get back to the basics and when we're down, confused or even angry take time to focus on God first and foremost. God is so much more than we give Him credit for...or even give Him a chance to be. And, when we're happy and full of bubbling over joy give God the spotlight He deserves.

Fill our ears and mouths with words about God and there's less room for self pity or self praise. I'm a working model for this concept...catch me later to find out how I'm doing with it. :)

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