Saturday, June 6, 2009

a weekend at home

After seemingly a month of weekends away, the Roth's spent a weekend at the house doing "normal" weekend things. I guess they were normal, relatively speaking. Spent Friday night getting the boys' haircuts, then a bite to eat. This morning I went to Walmart at 7:30 am to beat the masses...then we were all taken out for breakfast by my in-laws for a late birthday present. (I love when my birthday lasts longer than a day). Mike and C's is a great little restaurant. Good service + great food = satisfaction. The boys had a chance to go shopping with G-ma and G-pa Roth by themselves...everyone seemed to have had a good time when we went over to pick them up.
The garden the boys and I planted (with the help of Scott who did the tilling) is doing well. So far nothing too major has been eaten or destroyed. Had to replant some sweet corn in the very beginning due to some creature plucking it out of the ground, and a deer nibbled on some leaves, but left it standing. There are little green tomoatoes exciting! And, the green beans are blooming which is always a good sign. Things are starting to grow...everything takes time. Life is alot like a garden...but I won't go there today.
After mowing the grass at Dad and Pam's, we headed home to do more of the same at our house. A rainy season does make the grass grow quickly...not been like this in years and it's hard to keep up with the grass. The boys helped Scott with a few tasks...changing the tire on the pontoon boat trailer, putting together the new weed eater, trash run. We played with Navy, the neighbor's dog and found out the pool isn't quite ready to swim in yet this summer - the boys were disappointed to say the least but took the news well. All in all, it was a busy day around the house, but a good one.

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