Monday, June 29, 2009

my little fishies

Alex and Tim have been in the water since they were both itty bitty tykes. It used to seem like they had swim diapers on more than regular ones...and from May til October I'd say that was just about true. They've always loved being in water...buckets, rain puddles, bathtub, pool, ocean...if it has to do with water they love it! I'm glad, makes hot summer days so much fun.
Just this past week alone we/they were swimming 5 days out of 7. It helps that Nana and Pawpaw have a pool...and, that our neighbor does too. We haven't been to the neighbor's pool yet this year due to mechanical issues, but I'm sure we'll get there soon. We hope so anyway.

Alex and Tim can both swim without floats which makes being around the water alot more relaxing than their younger days. I've had my share of gasps sitting on the edge watching my babes in the water...but they always came back up. I so enjoy the water more now myself than when I was younger. Having not grown up with easy access to the water, it took years for me to find a comfort level in deep water.

Being a people person, I enjoy watching the faces of people as they observe my boys in the water. Especially at pools when we travel, I'll see a look of horror come over their faces as the boys skip the shallow end and head straight for the edge of the deep end to jump in with no hesitation. Some frantically look around for the parent "who must not be watching" and when they find me watching with a smile they are taken quite by surprise. Then most proceed to compliment the boys on how well they swim.

Alex and Tim are enjoying coming up with creative ways to jump off the diving board. The past two years it has been cannon balls and spin jumps. This summer it's what we call "kung fu" jumps. They are so funny to watch...arms and legs flailing in different directions with a "hi-ya" sound to accompany the jumps. Alex did this Karate Kid style pose into the water the other day. Hilariously funny.
I love my boys.

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