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laughter is the best medicine

The boys and I had a nice first day back from vacation yesterday. Quiet morning at home, errands in the afternoon...and some fun in there too. Alex and I were reading/looking at his "I Spy" book from the library and we came down with a good case of the giggles. I so enjoy when this happens. It's as if all is right in the universe for that moment, and truly for us right then it was.

Tim, Alex and I were all lying on the floor in the living room, they each had their books in front of them and I was helping them both spy things on the pages. Tim is getting more interested in books now...for longer periods of time at least. He's more into imaginative play than Alex. Give Tim 5 minutes and he'll have people flying, driving, or whatever-ing all over the place. It's so fun to watch.

We had a lot of laughs together over our vacation, when we went to hug this huge tree in Savannah. How funny it was I'm sure to watch us try to get our arms around that trunk. It's kind of like trying to grasp everything God's doing...there's more there than I can wrap my head around, so I just go with what I know and leave the rest in His hands.

They grow up so fast. I'm thankful I don't have to miss out on many of these moments. Praise God for providing what's best for all of spite of what we think we want.


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