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prayers and things

I was reading through "A Call to Die" by David Nasser for a second time not that long ago and it was interesting to discover new insights this time around that were there before, but for some reason, hit home hard as I read the words again.
Nothing hit harder than when he went into detail about loving God more even than the things of God. Refering to prayer, praises, Bible reading, etc. We are to love God because He's God. End of sentence. That's all we need to know...and do. All the things of God have their place, of course, in bringing us to a place in our lives where we are closer to God and know more about Him and His unchanging self, but they can't take the place in our hearts and lives that God alone needs to own.
The love of those things can't replace the simplistic notion that God wants us to love Him even more than the things we do for Him, because of Him, and by Him.
Why hasn't that thought crossed my mind before? Maybe in some fashion it has, but I was too busy doing the things I love to do to realize it. :) I am to love God. He can change things because of prayer. He created us to worship Him. His Word is unchanging and sharper than a double edged sword. All those things are true, but even more so is the notion that God is God and I am to love Him.
I found myself realizing that I had a checklist...mentally, so to speak. Prayers said...check. Bible read...check. Sang a song...check. Blessings received because I did all those things.....
Yeah, that's the problem. I had done all those right things with a clause attached. I'll do this because I think God will do this, and this, or maybe even this. My love of God isn't to be on a what can He do for me basis. Yes, I believe we can be blessed by doing all those things...and we will be. That's not supposed to be why I do them, however. I love God...because He's God and not only because of what He can do for me. It's changed my perspective. It's making me check my list at the door as I approach God in prayer, Bible time, worship.
His grace is sufficient.


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