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Bible Memory Camp Ohio 2009

My week of camp is over for the summer, but what memories I have of an awesome time once again at BMC. It's always fun to look back over the week and see how God put into place the right people at the right time to make Himself real among His children. It was evident God had his hand on who would be speaking at different times throughout the week. Well before any of us knew what was in store for the week He did. Everything fell into place and almost led into each other as if we had sat down and planned it to happen. The awesome thing about God is that none of us had done that, so Him bringing us all together for the same week was so cool. Also, the leadership for the week was phenomenal. Everyone did their part and did it well. After 22 years of being involved I can honestly say that doesn't always happen, but it's wonderful when it does.
We had an eventful Wednesday with first rain and then tornado warnings and 2 stays in the bathouses with the campers. Times that could have been very tramatic turned into praise for God who's in charge of both the wind and the rain. Some of the campers even said that their favorite moment of camp was the singing in the bathouses during the storms. Those counselors held it together even better than myself, I'd have to admit. But we all used the strength that Christ gave us to get through the scary moments...focusing on God and not the Goliath of a storm outside made all the difference.
When it's all said and done, no matter the storm going on around us or in us there's only One in whom we can find our strength. That same God who calmed the storm helped me find peace in another area of my life while at camp. Like most people coming off of a mountain top experience, it's been hard on me to find myself in the valley again of everyday, ordinary life. Once you get a taste for the extraordinary, ordinary just isn't enough. Now that I'm understanding my extraordinary Alaska trip has me spoiled, I understand better my struggles with the ordinary. It used to satisfy, but no more. I desire more than just existing and making it through...and I'm better because of that. I shouldn't settle for okay, when great is where God wants me to be.
On the lookout for the ordinary things.


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