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out of the mouth of babes

Saturday was a day for comical statements from my boys. First, we wake up Saturday and decide to all snuggle in the king size bed for awhile...this always is a treat for the boys and we get to have family talks that are unlike any others that happen during the day. We were chatting about how well we slept through the night. Alex so matter of factly stated, "I stayed awake until I fell asleep last night. It mostly works that way." Now, imagine the giggles that followed that funny and how great of a start it made to my day.

Now, fast forward to about 7 pm that night...we're all outside; boys riding bikes and playing here and there, Scott working on the VW Bug he's restoring, and I'm working in the flower gardens. Tim's close by so I ask him to help me with holding some flowers back so I can get the shovel underneath them...he does it once and I ask him to do it again in another spot. He stops and looks at me and so cleverly states, "That's not going to happen, Cupcake." We were laughing so hard...he was so cute and funny I didn't even ask him to help anymore. It was hilarious and a great way to bring an end to my day.

From beginning to boys and many laughs...can't believe I've been so blessed.


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I reminded myself of this recently.
It's not about me at all, this wellness journey I am on to a healhier version of myself.
Not at all.
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