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Alaska: Day 2

I was up at 5, but awake since 4. All the excitement and time change I guess has me up now. Church wasn't until 11, so after breakfast our 5 took a walk down to the coast and then through downtown. It was a great morning for a walk and we saw alot of downtown that we didn't get to last year. Saw lots of interesting houses, buildings and stores along the way. My favorite was seeing "The Sleeping Lady" and also then the mountains once we were closer back to First Baptist. Beautiful way to start our day.

Church was's always an adventure going to a different church. We had lunch and then met alot of the staff at orientation. We moved to the Grandview Annex house afterwards. The married couple had their own room...the guys their own...the two girls a room...and for me, they offered me to stay in a room by myself but it was the storage room. After considering it, I moved in with the girls from IL.

We went to the Marketplace and to the souvenir shopping out of the way. Found Tim a stuffed moose, an igloo ornament and stackable Pooh characters from the Russian booth that I loved last year. Alex requested golf balls and an igloo ornament...found him a clay whistle, too. The night was young, so after the marketplace we dropped off our stuff and headed out on an adventure. First stop was FlatTop and then we went on a moose hunt, led of course, by the Great White Moose Hunter. :) Didn't take but a short drive down by Earthquake Park to find a baby and mama moose...and then, just a little further down we saw a bull moose, too. Not bad for day one of moose hunting! That bull moose was huge.

We made stops at "Atheist Park" (aka Airport Park) and then down at the coast by the airport. It's just as beautiful as I remember it being...

On the way back we pull over to the side of the road to see another moose and some get out but Jay, Ryan and I do not. A wildlife conservation officer pulls up and Jay says that it would be cool to see him pull out his "sterilizer" gun (meaning of course, tranquilizer gun). Ryan and I are just dying laughing because Jay doesn't realize his blunder. Ryan asks him a couple more questions and then finally we fill him in on what he's saying. That was a running joke for the rest of the week. Good times.


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