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Alaska: Day 3

7.27.09 God is good. We went to work today...yay! After breakfast and devotions, we headed out all together to work at the Boys & Girls Club for the morning. Getting there, Dave told us what needed to be done: trash pick up around the park area, sweeping up glass, and planting seeds that were donated to them. I volunteered with that since I love to garden. It took all of about 2 minutes for David and me to have a group of about 6 kids hovering around us and claiming us as their own as we went to get the seeds, gardening tools, and walk out to the garden area. They were all new faces, too...such sweet boys and girls. I stand in awe of God and how He used such a simple task to open doors to develop relationships with the kids right from the start. It was so much fun planting seeds with the kids...don't know that any of them will grow, but it sure was a ministry moment for us.
After gardening and picking up trash, we went inside to do some work. The men went to work in the basement fixing some furniture and the rest of us went into the multipurpose room to clean it. We had a chance to get to know our team leaders better during this time, too, which was nice. Melissa and Jerry are from Newnan...go figure! They have been going into a bush village for the last 3 years and decided to work on staff this summer. Their stories were captivating.

We went to lunch back at the annex and then headed out to Mountain View Baptist church to help get food ready for the food giveaway on Tuesday before going to do Bible Club at the B&G Club at 2. We had to organize their pantry and aslo pull out items for distribution. Tomorrow is going to be fun and something we haven't done before.

Back at the club, the time went by so fast. The kids had met us earlier, so it was almost like day 2 for us. They came running when they saw the van. I was teaching the Bible lessons again this year. We had a small group, but you could tell they have been paying attention to the other teams before us and also at church that some claimed they went to every Sunday. The kids are a blessing to be around. It was fulfilling to be there again in their midst sharing God's love and truth with them. David and Ryan have their hands full giving piggyback rides and holding the little ones. Some of the older girls took to my side and we spent alot of time talking. The puppet team, Heavenly Hands, are such a blessing to have at the club with us. It makes the afternoon complete when they come at the end and have songs and a puppet show for the kids. They work at Canchee Park, first where they have a puppet show and hand out pb&j sandwiches to the kids. They say it was trying the first day and very chaotic...kind of reminds me of our first day that the club last year. With us at the club to help crowd control their time there was what I would consider a success. The kids loved the puppets and songs. I like that I get to mingle in the crowd with the kids during the puppet time. That makes me happy. There's a sweet little one named Brianna who just stands beside me and doesn't say much. She won't open up yet and won't open up to the boys at all. She's truly an Alaskan Princess. Little Maya is adorable as well. So full of energy and smiles. It was hard to leave and it was only our first day...

After dinner, we headed out to Hatcher's Pass. It was a dreary afternoon, but it was something new and we were up for the adventure. We had alot of fun on the drive up and back. We're getting along with the other team really well. The girls are getting used to our ways...and are alot of fun to have around.

Our days are long, but going by so quickly...


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