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Alaska: Day 4

Tuesdays in Alaska are turning out to be the best days ever! I awoke this morning at 5 am (again) and God revealed to me the reason I'm back in Alaska. Let me say that I'd like to awake to a revelation like this every morning. :) God had me back in Alaska to help our two teams mesh together...He needed me to be there for Hannah and Kara, specifically. And, the neat thing is, too, that my desire to return was so emminent from the start because the IL team knew they were coming last fall already and had tickets bought by November. God was working last year already to get this summer underway. That's awesome! And, for a week, I am back in youth leadership...I am blessed to have been the one appointed to such a service. This gives me encouragement to keep on patiently waiting on God to see how other desires and dreams I have can be realized in His time. He does provide exactly what we need when we need it.

We returned to Mountain View Baptist to hand out food this morning. This was so well organized...I was impressed. The registration was ran by a sweet elderly lady and she kept things running like a well oiled machine. When people registered she would get their card out and hand it to one of us to take the person(s) downstairs to assist them in choosing their food from the options laid out for them. They were given so many of each item per number of people in their families. Pretty basic instructions (I like that)...and things went well. I was impressed by the fact that those I interacted with were respectful and thankful for the food...and, if they didn't "need" a particular item they passed on taking it. I learned a lesson in judging people in this way...yes, by serving others we are able to learn more about ourselves and where our faults lie in our own lives. The morning passed by quickly. (And, I just realized that it's Tuesday again and they'll be passing out food to more folks in just a few hours...need to pray for that ministry).

Having lunch next, we relaxed for awhile before heading out again. I was feeling the jet lag finally set in big time. I fell asleep along with some others for awhile after lunch...nothing like a power nap to get one going again! :) Before we headed to the club we went to Home Depot and purchased some plants and flowers to plant at the club. We decided that since those seeds might not grow or at least not bloom prior to winter coming, we could give them some that they could enjoy for a few weeks yet. It was pouring rain at the time, but we went ahead and bought them just in case we could get planting them in if it stopped raining so hard.

At the club, we had Bible first off as we always do. Bigger attendance today. The kids who choose to come are ones who seem to have some knowledge of the Bible stories I'm covering. They pay attention pretty well for being outside with all the distractions around us. Unlike last year, we were not allowed inside the building for Bible seems that right after our visit last year someone complained about God being talked about inside the building so that has to happen outside rain or not. We're enjoying the time together...and they like the bubble gum they get for answering questions from the previous day. :)

The rained stopped enough for us to go and plant the flowers with the kids. Ryan helped me out today. It was so much fun...and the kids were so well behaved. They did so well and we got the flowers planted in no time...with smiles all around.

During puppet time today a really strange thing happened. A man came up from seemingly nowhere with a rose to his face. He gave it away to one of the girls, but stayed around. As the singing started he went off to where some kids were digging in the dirt and had not come when we invited them before and somehow he coaxed them to come over and join us. And, during the show he was quieting them down and singing right along with the puppets...even joining in with the hand puppets the team had passed out to the kids. Before we knew it then, he pretty much disappeared just as quickly as he had first appeared. We're not so sure that we weren't visited by an angel today.

After the boys and girls club, back to the annex for dinner. We were supposed to get to Thunderbird Falls but it was pouring rain so we decided against this trip and went down to Bird Creek instead to see those in action fishing for salmon. It was incredible. Made me want to get in on the action...maybe next time. :) We stopped on the way back at this place where you can pan for was about to close so I didn't get to pan for gold, but I did find an Alaskan license plate like I've been wanting. It was ran by a lady and her father...they had so many interesting stories to tell. Mr. Bobby was in his element for sure. Just across the road, too, I had spotted an eagle as we pulled in to the parking lot. It was beautiful. We saw it up close through one of those telescope viewing things...(yeah, real technical terminology I'm using there). It was a good night even with rain along the way. No moose sightings tonight...


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